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Save the Animals
Wednesday, November 30, 2005
Exercise Your Music Muscle

Check out this way cool wallpaper. Are you a rock band fanatic? You'd love this. All you have to do is find 72 band names out of the objects in this picture. Don't get it? If you see beetles crawling around, they would represent The Beatles. That's just an example, there are no beetles in this picture. Good luck!

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/30/2005 10:56:00 PM


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Tuesday, November 29, 2005
Mysteries of the not-so explained: The Spell Error

I was doing my psychology assignment when I ran into something wierd.

Image hosted by

My sentence was 'Here, the experiment looks into one more factor in mate selection'. Sounds correct, doesn't it? But Microsoft Word 2002 insists that it should be 'factors' instead.

I did not tamper with this picture, it is authentic. Can you explain this mystery?

View the MSN Personal Message Mystery
View the MSN Nick mystery

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/29/2005 11:45:00 PM


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Sunday, November 27, 2005
To Mortal Kombat in South Park

I watched an episode of South Park and it was entitled Mortal Kombat. Half the show turned into a Japanese-style ninja cartoon. Wanna see ninja versions of Cartman, Stan, Kyle, and Kenny? I like Kenny's the best!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/27/2005 09:45:00 PM


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Friday, November 25, 2005
25 November 2005

I could not think of a better title. My creativity has been sapped by my own laziness. My study break begins and I am not yet prepared for the finals which will commence 2nd December. Aren't we all the procrastinators? No? I'm doomed.

I finally finished my Italian homework and most of my second lab report. I have an excuse to wait a bit on my lab report this time: I have to wait till Dr. Goh returns the first lab report to guide us on the second. He pushed back the deadline for a total of ten days. Like, wow.

Joblessness is the air that I breathe. In fact, I'm still wearing my jammies as I type this, and I got up almost three hours ago, at eleven (I set my alarm at nine). Been downloading some Star Wars Kid, Saturday Night Live, Family Guy and what not. I think that SNL's Celebrity Jeapordy is simply hilarious, the contestants can expertly give the dumbest answers in the universe.

There's nothing I can blog about as I 'prepare' (notice the quotation marks) for exams. So lemme give you some highlights of what's coming December.

- More Harry Gonner
- An updated Star Wars Spinoffs
- The continuation of Songfest, my short story
- Some awesome pictures of Pusat Bandar Damansara
- Will try to come up with more Richard & Rashid

TTFN, huhuhuhu..

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/25/2005 01:44:00 PM


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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Short story: Songfest

This is part one of a short story I've written as a college assignment. I had a pretty good score so I thought you guys might enjoy it.

It was the end of the day's lessons, the extra-curricular activities were about to begin. The corridor was half-filled with college students; each had their own business to attend to. Among them was a boy, standing still and was staring at a poster on a wall that nobody else had cared about. The wildly colorful illustrations on the poster had the word printed large: 'Songfest'. Dominic had the most curious look on his face as he scanned the details of Songfest for the fourth time.

He walked off filled with wonder. An opportunity like this does not come by very often, and for Dominic, it could be something that can change his life. But he had no reason to believe that he could even qualify; inferiority always had the best of him. The audition was two weeks away.

The double doors opened to reveal the green grass, the blue sky, and the whispering trees, all in a picture-perfect sight. Canaries chirped their way into spring, while the blooming lilies greeted the sun. Des Glaines was a simple town, devoid of skyscrapers and congestion; most of its inhabitants walked or cycled. The shop lots were just a couple of blocks away from Lumina College. This time the journey had never seemed shorter, for Dominic had walked pre-occupied.

Stopping by a music store, Dominic greeted the old shopkeeper, who was polishing a violin.

"Afternoon, Mr. Wayne."

"Dominic, welcome, welcome. What can I do for you?" said Wayne, putting down the violin.

"Songfest," said Dominic. "An audition will be held right here in Des Glaines."

"I know, I heard. Looks like I don't have to tell you to try out," Wayne spoke slowly.

"But I don't know if I could."

"And why not?"

"I… I don't know,"

"Well," Wayne got up and reached for a drawer. "I remember the first time you came into this store, wanting to learn to play the guitar." Dominic listened like a curious little child. "You were all nervous... but your father was supportive. I was willing to teach, and you were willing to learn. A slow start, but look at you now. You have learned well. I understand that you have been writing?"

"Yeah, I have. But I don't know if they're any good."

"Oh, nonsense. If you write, you're eligible, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah. I... I'm just not..."

"What's the grand prize?"

"It's uh... a scholarship, at Berkeley's School of Music."

"My, my. That's more extravagant then last year. You want it don't you?"

"I guess..."

"Then remember this: if you want something, you have to take the first step."

Dominic looked up at his old teacher. Those very words set him reminiscing his days learning music under his wing. In his mind, he scanned the memories he had right there at that music store. Wayne handed him a pick with his wrinkly but steady hands.

"Take this. I hope you will see in it everything you have learned from me."

View part 2

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/22/2005 05:02:00 PM


i like....

continue! =)
11/23/2005 10:34:00 PM
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Thursday, November 17, 2005
Tomorrow I Will Find Another Day

The rain is pouring out my window
Along with all my thoughts and dreams
I tried to sleep but no, I couldn't
Too broken is my heart it seems

I feel the emptiness that breaks into me
My shoulders bear the weight that clings on to me
But I know there is always hope

I'll find my way
Through the night
I'll find my will
Strength and might
To go on and should I lose my way
Tomorrow I will find another day

My lonely self has cried an ocean
For all the things that fell unto him
And on the wall I found a mirror
But all I see is light too dim

I thought of what to say to family and friends
But final words it seems are too hard to mend
Cause I know there is always hope

I'll find my way
Through the night
I'll find my will
Strength and might
To go on and should I lose my way
Tomorrow I will find another day
Lest the darkness should take over me
I will always see through the tears, through the tears
I will fall over and over
I will rise over and over
I say to myself again
I'll find my way
Through the night
I'll find my will
Strength and might
To go on and should I lose my way
Tomorrow I will find another day

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/17/2005 12:40:00 PM


hey justin, i dint know u had a blog either. the 'test' one was ... ok, nvm. anyways, ur blog is very interesting. will take time to go thru it, n b enlightened, heehee.
see u around
11/19/2005 09:59:00 AM
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Tuesday, November 15, 2005
Lame jokes in BM

As compiled by Hew Mun Yoke


1) Minyak ape yang disukai oleh lelaki?
Answer: MINYAKsikan pertandingan bolasepak Liga-M

2) Kuih ape yang bungkusnya di dalam, isinya di luar?
Answer: Kuih salah bikin.

3) Binatang ape power Karate?
Answer: Kuda belang.cube kira brape black belt dia ade.

4) Siape yang menemukan dompet kulit?
Answer: Yang menemukan dompet kulit tersebut tolong pulangkan kepada saye.

5) Pintu ape yang walaupun dengan 10 org pun tak leh nak tolak?
Answer: Pintu yang ade tulis 'TARIK'

6) Saya ade 3 kepala, 4 tangan dan 5 kaki...siapakah saya?
Answer: Pembohong...

7) Apa dia 'Jauh di mata, dekat di hati'?
Answer: Usus

8) Binatang ape yang seluruh anggota tubuhnya kat kepala?
Answer: Kutu rambut

9) Nenek sape jalannya meloncat-loncat?
Answer: Neneknye si katak

10) Knape lelaki jarang kene penyakit anjing gila?
Answer: Sbb lelaki ni kan 'buaya'hehe

11) Ape beza sekretari baik ngan sekretari kurang baik?
Answer: - kebaikannya lah

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/15/2005 09:44:00 PM


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Monday, November 14, 2005
The Amazing Race for Asia

The Amazing Race is coming to Asia!!! Read full articles here:

Malaysia - theStar.
Singapore - Channelnewsasia
UK - C21media

Or read my article:

The Amazing Race is coming to Asia!!! Sign me up!!

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/14/2005 12:58:00 PM


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Saturday, November 12, 2005
Pure wicked coincidence

This is a story of PURE WICKED COINCIDENCE. Brace yourselves.

One fine day, some guy who came across my blog added me on his MSN. After my Yoruichi post, wushu_whc only wanted to befriend a fellow Bleach fan like myself. I accepted. Check out his Rukia fanblog.

The next day, another guy came across my blog and added me as well. Smashpop added me for fun, he had no idea I was a Bleach fan. First coincidence: two guys added me on MSN within the span of 48 hours, when nobody had actually added me from my blog ever before.

Second coincidence: Smashpop was a Bleach fan. I only assumed he was because wushu_whc was one as well. That makes all three of us being Bleach fans.

So lets recap. Two guys, both Bleach fans, added me on MSN from my e-mail address at my blog at almost the same time. Now get this. Third coincidence: wushu_whc and smashpop know each other.


Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/12/2005 12:46:00 PM


haha really a coincident 

Posted by smashpOp
11/12/2005 09:30:00 PM
hey.. I am that wushu_whc
you can just call me life feel :D 

Posted by Life Feel
12/15/2005 12:12:00 AM
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Friday, November 11, 2005
5 Cekap 2004: Down memory lane

As I have suggested to Oliver Chua, former classmate at SMK Bukit Bandaraya, the entire set of photoshopped pictures of 2004's 5 Cekap students have been put up in his blog. See it here:

That was the product of our hard work and image-editing prowess; Oliver did most of the work, by the way. The main selections, which have been published on the school magazine that year can be viewed via the above link. Here, I will display the outtakes (In no order of significance). Enjoy.

Image hosted by
Guess who joined the Famous Friends of Friends

Image hosted by
Looks like the One Ring is at it again

Image hosted by
Should Daniel Radcliffe retire, I will step up to the task

Image hosted by
Who knew Jazli would befriend human

Image hosted by
This is Oliver's work, all credit goes to him and him only, period.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by
Among the many auditionees for the part of Padme Amidala...

Image hosted by
.... which has already been taken

Image hosted by
Careful, that BB gun from Brickfields might actually hurt

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/11/2005 01:51:00 PM


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Thursday, November 10, 2005
Blog Button Maker

Ever want to make a 'Link to me' section like what I have on my left navigation bar over there? Here's four blog button makers I have found on the internet.

This is the best one I can find. It can own little custom image on it. The others can only do text. It can also do outer and inner border colours.

Online Button Maker
This one displays a whole colour palette so you can pick a colour easily. Doesn't do border colors.
BlogFlux Button Maker
This one can do 80x15 and 80x31 sizes

Adam Kalsey's Button Maker
For simple, unfussy users only

If you want anything more complicated, like my blending colours, drop me a line and I'll make one for you. I did mine myself. If you want to try making one for yourself, note that the font used is SmallFonts and the size is 80x15.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/10/2005 06:10:00 PM


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Week 12

Gosh, its November already. But I shan't mention the fact that time passes by way too fast, shucks I said it. I have but only three weeks to my final exams, and here I am sitting on my butt with my fingers fresh from a losing DotA session. Im pathetic.

I remember how things were just two months ago. It was when I became ignorant of the impending avalanche of assignments come October. It was when I paintballed for the first time, on my birthday in fact. It was when I got a taste of a real talent show, which I had no place in >.<. It was when THE HORRIBLE HAZE STRUCK. Forgot how it looked like? Here's a reminder.

Image hosted by
It ain't pretty..

Im pretty jobless right now. I'm searching my old pictures from my camera phone, since the haze ones got me going. Here's a rarity:

Image hosted by
Two red Protons that coincidentally parked next to each other

Maybe I'll keep that picture and sell that on E-bay in twenty years time. Damn, I'm in awe. So anyways, I'm in week 12 of the ADP Fall semester. I remember 12 weeks ago when I planned to print out my schedule. I remember 11 weeks ago when I still planned to print out my schedule. I remember 11 weeks ago when I saw this:

Image hosted by

Then I remember 10 weeks ago when I still planned to print my schedule. Then I remember 10 seconds ago when I realized that I still haven't printed my schedule. Then I remember 3 seconds ago when I realized that I still haven't printed the rest of my psychology notes. See how screwed up my life is? Geez, I owe myself a 4-hour nap.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/10/2005 02:43:00 PM


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Wednesday, November 09, 2005
To be a fan of Yoruichi from Bleach

Image hosted by
Bleach rocks. Yoruichi rules. I was so jobless I actually screen-capture a scene from episode 56 and patch them up together. It was not easy. You will not find this picture ANYWHERE else ever. Click to enlarge. Enjoy.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/09/2005 11:14:00 PM


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Monday, November 07, 2005
My Japanese subculture is...

You Are an Officelady!

It all seemed so blissful at first.
Wear cute little suits, meet friends with matching suits, get a small salary.
Well, you're going to be making copies for the rest of your life, and a good raise is not in your future.
And forget about marrying out of this glass cieling! What?
So you can make coffee at home and wash your husband's underwear? Gross!

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/07/2005 01:05:00 PM


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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Harry Gonner and the Half-Nerd Prince - #2

This is the continuing series of the above title. To better understand the humour in it, you should have at least watched any of the original Harry Potter movies or read any of the books, preferably The Half Blood Prince. Enjoy.

Harry Gonner was delighted at the fact that he no longer needed to stay at the Dudleys' for the rest of summer. What cheered him even more was that he can spend the remaining days at Ron's place: the home of the Weasels. After hours of wrong turns and close calls, Dumbndumber finally managed find the house. He did not want to use magic to get there only because he wanted to feel the wind in his hair. Harry thought it was too much wind for his own health.

Dumbndumber parked his kick-ass car amidst Molly Weasel's precious shrubbery. 'Oh well', he said. Once done with the obligatory greetings, Dumbndumber left Harry to the family's care. Chewing on Molly's tasty treats, Harry hurried up to Ron's room, where he found him making out with Hermione Gangster.

Harry : Hey, don't start without me..

Ron : Oh hey Harry, here already?

Hermione: Did you bring us a fresh supply?

Harry : Yup, here you go. Pick a flavour. Man, I can't believe you guys ran out already.

Hermione: Nice! I'll go with blueberry this time. Yeah, it's kinda risky. I almost got pregnant again.

Ron : That was some night.. Oh, and what's the deal with the Prophecy? We've been dying to know.

Harry : Oh, that. Um... I... don't remember.

Hermione: You don't remember? Harry, the Prophecy was probably the most important clue to discover your very destiny! You were the one person who saw it and you don't even remember?

Harry : Uh... I think I have to kill someone or something.

Hermione: That's better.

Ron : What do your parents say about it?

Harry : Dude, my parents are dead.

Ron : Really? Oh yeah. Whatsisname killed them right? How did he kill them again?

Harry : A shovel, Ron.

Ron : Oh yeah, that shovel. Right. Oh hey Ginny, Harry's got a fresh supply. Pick a flavour.

To be continued...

View previous episode

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/06/2005 08:44:00 PM


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Wednesday, November 02, 2005
My Harry Potter alter ego is...


You scored as Hermione Granger. You're one intelligent witch, but you have a hard time believing it and require constant reassurance. You are a very supportive friend who would do anything and everything to help her friends out.

Your Harry Potter Alter Ego Is...?
created with

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/02/2005 11:25:00 PM


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Tuesday, November 01, 2005
Adolescent labour

This was how I spent the last day of October 2005. The night before, I was asked to replace Dinesh for a one day job that pays fifty bucks. The holidays started, I had nothing to do so what the heck, I just went. The job was to count the number of balls in a truck for a recent Maxis guess the number of balls contest.

Image hosted by

It says 'count' but I used 'guess' because it was impossible to know for sure until we unloaded the truck to count them. That was exactly what we were paid to do, to determine the answer before verifying the winner. So Suenanica, Shafeeq, Harindar, Roshan, Woon and myself drove ourselves to some really rundown place in Kepong.

Image hosted by

We seemingly had to be there by 9:30am but surprise, surprise. We were the first ones there and the place was not even open.

Image hosted by

Soon enough, some other people came. They were there for the same job as us; they were all Chinese. We didn't wait long before the doors open. It was a large space with a white corner with rounded edges, it was actually some studio. There was no equipment, only stacks and stacks of boxes containing miniature soccer balls. Then, the actual truck arrived.

Image hosted by

Before the counting commenced, the truck was unloaded. They built a wooden makeshift container just for this purpose. The backdoor opened and out the balls flowed. They were mostly miniature balls of two sizes: 6.3cm and 4.0cm. The rest were a couple of dozen actual sized footballs and a few dozen smaller footballs about 12cm in diameter.

Image hosted by

We were then divided into groups of four, each had their own boxes buckets and each were assigned one supervisor to bring the balls to and fro from the container and to keep track of the number. Woon, Harindar, Sue and Shafeeq was one group; Roshan and I had to team up with two Chinese-speaking Chinese people.

Image hosted by

Free to count the way we choose, my group had an excellent system. One would count the big (6.3cm) balls to fill a box which amounted to 160, one would count the small ones (4.0mm) to fill 600 in a box, the supervisor will bring in fresh buckets of balls and the last one would separate the balls according to size for the first two to count. So thats four people, three buckets and at least two boxes. When either of the box is full, the supervisor will dump the counted balls into a separate container.

That system was not formulated in an instant; it was gradually and wordlessly falling into place. Part of it came from Roshan who counted the big balls and had the return trip to consistently contain 160 balls, no more no less. I don't know about Woon's group, but my group was certainly busier than them. Laughs.

Image hosted by

The persons in charge actually promised that food would be provided. But it arrived pretty late, much to Woon's disappointment. We did not eat anything until 3pm, a personal record for my own standards. If only Sue would finish at least half of her own fried rice+fried chicken. It was yummy by the way.

As we continued counting, I realized how jobless we were. The job had taken its toll on my back, and eventually, my Monday. After we were done, we had to open new boxes of 4mm balls and remove each one of them from their individual plastic bags. That was so not in our job description! Shafeeq even took a nap in the container of uncounted balls.

Image hosted by

But it wasn't all that bad, the persons in charge let us rest evey few thousand balls. They let us play with the footballs, and we even got to go inside the half-filled truck! It was awesome, swimming in a sea of soft squishy balls. They did not mind at all, in fact they are smiley people. The other labourers, the Chinese youths, was not as eager as us happening Bangsar folk. They were content talking among themselves.

We left the place even though there were more balls to unwrap. Sue gave the excuse that we had to attend to some church meeting. Roshan, church, right. We were still getting paid anyway, but it will only come next week. After that, we crashed Oliver's place which was nearby. You should have seen the look on his face when he saw Roshan sitting in my car which was parked RIGHT IN FRONT of his gate.

At the end of the day, we learned one thing: Roshan sucks at Dance Dance Revolution.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/01/2005 09:59:00 PM


you went to Kepong!:P

11/05/2005 02:20:00 PM
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