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Save the Animals
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Fright Night 2005

It was last Thursday when the HELP ADP Student Council event of the fall semester was put together: FRIGHT NIGHT 2005 Featuring the Tower and the Dungeon, a Halloween event in collaboration with Communication Frontiers. It was my first event since I joined ADPSC and I had to oversee marketing and ticketing. Yikes. Somehow we manage to pull off astounding ticket sales during the last minute, so its not too bad.

We completely turned the bottom floor of the ADP block into a haunted house (the dungeon) and the top into a gathering area (the tower). The dungeon was.. dark. The tower was pretty happening. Happening is what you get when you have 150++ college students in a mood to party. Some came with costumes; a few of them got a little too creative.

Image hosted by

I, however, was content with a sign on my back that says "Declared dead on arrival'. I'm a walking dead, get it? Its scary! Yeesh..

Image hosted by
Chiu Yen, Karen, Renuka and a walking dead

Pretty good event, I might say, though it ended a little early due to security concerns. Quoting from Melody Peters, this was one party that did not go wrong in any usual way. Normally alcohol would be smuggled in or a fight would break out (Peters, 2005)¹. She dressed up as little red riding hood by the way.

After the party, we noticed something REALLY peculiar. We threw up a couple of balloons to the ceiling, and it never came down. The cream is that the balloons contained no helium, and no, no hydrogen either.

Image hosted by
The picture is authentic. Can you explain this mystery? :P

At the end of the night, when paranormal activity dissipated, the dead no longer walked.

Image hosted by
Cause of death: dislocated knees, bloated butt and Andrew Netto's death (see tomb)

Check out Karen's account of the event. Theres a photo of me on the floor, again.


¹ This is what you get when you learn citations in General Psychology.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/29/2005 09:56:00 PM


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Monday, October 24, 2005
The Adventures of Richard and Rashid - #5

This is the continuing series entitled 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid', the story of a British commissioner, Richard O' Reily, who sailed to Malaya to educate an accidental Public Affairs Minister, Rashid bin Razak, in order to establish relations between the two worlds in the 18th Century.

In a warm, sunny day, we find our heroes squatting under a tree..

Richard: This is simply delightful! *slurp* A new way to have revenge on an object that fell on your head: eat it.

Rashid : Sedap kan? Ah.. ini dipanggil buah durian. Sejenis buah-buahan tempatan yang masyhur.

Richard: It tastes exquisite.. I know, as the first Englishman who discovered this extraordinary fruit, I, Richard O'Reily shall call it.... Duriang. Its... brilliant.

Rashid : Aduhai..

Richard: And what is this funny-looking thing?

Rashid : Ini? Ini rambutan. Sejenis buah-buahan juga.

Richard: A rambutang? Looks yummy, how do you eat it?

Rashid : Bukan rembuteng... rambutan. Nah.

Richard: Mmm, delicious! This rambutang is simply divine! Oh look! I see an ape, a rather peculiar-looking one.

Rashid : Oh, itu seekor orangutan. Comel, kan?

Richard: So a Malayan ape is called an oranguthang? This is journal worthy..

Rashid : Ia dipanggil orangutan.. bukan orenguteng.

Richard: Thats what I said.. oranguthang. A marvellous creature, look at how he climbs.


Richard: I know! I can see another oranguthang too!

Rashid : Adhuuu.....

Tune in next time for more... 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid'

View previous episode

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/24/2005 12:18:00 AM


Richard O'Reily can have pleasant conversation with natan bugger after having a durian drop on his head.

Fascinating. xD
10/24/2005 08:39:00 PM
Lolx.. I dont call them heroes for nothing at
10/25/2005 09:18:00 PM
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Wednesday, October 19, 2005
Feeling lucky with failure

Funny how a rising internet corporation makes a statement..

1. Go to
2. Type 'failure'
3. Click ' I'm Feeling Lucky'
4. See what Google has related your wordsearch to.

So far, this process still works. I don't know how long it will last so try it already.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/19/2005 09:22:00 PM


damn! i don't wanna see george bush! such a failure.. 

Posted by Wuching
10/20/2005 10:47:00 AM
Hehe.. glad you agreed with it. I hope the CIA or FBI won't storm through my front door... 

Posted by Justin Wong
10/21/2005 03:58:00 PM
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Tuesday, October 18, 2005
Creative Commons announces its 1st annual Fall Fundraising Campaign


Creative Commons needs your support. Over the past three years, we have offered authors and creators simple tools to mark their content with the freedom they believe it should carry. These tools have helped build a movement. There are now over fifty-million objects on the web that link back to our licenses. There are hundreds of volunteers working to spread our free licenses across the globe.

To come this far, we have relied upon the substantial support of major foundations. But now we need to show the world that our support reaches beyond foundation boardrooms.

And thus we need your support now. To sustain our growth, we need to build core membership in Creative Commons. We need these members to help us to continue to offer free tools to enable a flexible range of protections and freedoms for artists, educators, scientists and writers. Your (tax deductible) contribution will make an important difference now (More about donations and deductions).

Please join us, or support us, so this movement can continue.

Read full article here

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/18/2005 10:56:00 AM


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Malaysian race referrals gives an insight on how to call strangers according to their race.

How to call Malay, Chinese and Indians (and Others) in Malaysia

As a fellow blogger, I would like to add one more that serves as a universal method of calling people in the South East Asia.


Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/18/2005 10:43:00 AM


but if you call 'oi' in a crowded street, everyone will think you're calling them...! 

Posted by simon
10/21/2005 04:37:00 PM
ow... how did you track my post?

Ahaha.. thats why I call it universal It works for all of them! :P
10/23/2005 08:05:00 PM
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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Back from nowhere 2

My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. I have not been posting anything real for awhile now. Been pretty busy doing college assigments, most of which I have been putting off during September. Procrastination kills.

To entertain you, here is my first ever psychology lab report available for download.

The Stroop Experiment with Incongruent Color Words in a Second Language


This study aims to investigate the effects of word-color incongruence on color-naming. The experiment was designed to test the speed of naming the color of shapes and words. There were five test sheets, each had different kinds of word stimulus; one of them was Chinese incongruent color words. Upon completing a sheet, the time taken by that subject to successfully name one by one all the colors in it was recorded; repeated for other test sheets. From 260 test subjects, results showed that the Chinese speaking subjects took longer than the non-Chinese speaking subjects to name the Chinese incongruent color words. This suggested that illiteracy of the foreign words does not cause Stroop interference.

Download it here.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/16/2005 02:31:00 PM


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Thursday, October 13, 2005
Popeye ad

Cartoon Network was removed from my subscription some years ago. But for some reason, I can still remember a specific Popeye the Sailor man advertisement in that channel. I remembered the script word-for-word.

This is spinach.
Popeye loves to eat spinach so he can trample meanies like Bluto.
This is Bluto.
Bluto is big, has a small brain and loves Olive Oyl.
This is Olive Oyl.
She doesn't love Bluto, she loves Popeye.. and Swea Pea.
This is Swea Pea.
Swea Pea is a baby with a big mouth. That makes Pappy mad.
This is Pappy.
Pappy is Popeye's father. He's always on the move, not like Wimpy.
This is Wimpy.
Wimpy only sleeps and eats. That's lettuce, not spinach in his burger.
This is spinach.
Any questions?

Forgive me, four hour naps can really screw my head around.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/13/2005 11:04:00 PM


OMG! I looove this ad and knew it word for word as well. (The last line went "Any questions? Watch the Popeye show, here on Cartoon Network" here in India). I've been looking for the video forever online and just can't seem to find it :-( at
1/22/2015 10:18:00 PM
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005
Mysteries of the not-so explained: The MSN Personal Message

I found another bug in MSN Messenger (I know, jobless). I was listening to music on iTunes while chatting on MSN. The plugin allows other people to know what song I'm listening to, a good feature, I might add. Then, halfway through a song I closed iTunes and went off to grab a bite. When I returned, I found that my personal message still displayed that song.

Image hosted by

And in my computer, my normal personal message is still there. People will think I'm listening to the same song for like an hour.

I did not tamper with this picture, it is authentic. Can you explain this mystery?

View the Spell Error mystery
View the MSN Nick mystery

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/11/2005 11:40:00 PM


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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Wan Maria Elena from HELP University College is Cheerleader of the Month!! Yay!!! She was interviewed at and that's sooooo awesome!! She's currently in my computers class, like, totally my classmate!

You can, like, totally check out her friendster profile... and you, can also, like, check out her other friendster profile.. like totally!

Check out our adventures

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/09/2005 09:11:00 PM


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Thursday, October 06, 2005
A day in the life of Maria, Justin and Fira

This is the story Maria, Justin and Fira.

Image hosted by

They are classmates at HELP University College. All three of them take Computer Studies, like Freshman English 1 and hate Statistics. One day, Justin discovers a TeenVogue magazine.

Image hosted by

"What is that?" Justin asks.
"That's TeenVogue magazine," Fira replies.
"Can I see it?"

Justin takes the magazine and starts reading it. Justin realizes that TeenVogue magazine is actually interesting. Justin engrossed himself in the intricacies of the wonderful piece of literature.

Image hosted by

Justin continues reading in during Computer Studies class. Justin no longer pays attention to the lecturer. Justin still reads it although Fira was not done with it. Justin doesn't care. Justin must find out what Nicole Richie is up to.

Image hosted by

Maria notices Justin reading TeenVogue magazine. Maria gets worried as he is missing the important lecture. Maria suggested that he save the magazine for later but Justin would not listen. Justin is reading the article on a room makeover, even though he does not stay in a dorm.

Image hosted by

The class has ended and everyone leaves the lecture hall. Justin brings along his newfound friend outside. He sits down and continues reading TeenVogue magazine. He even leaves his Computer Studies book unattended on the table. Computers used to fascinate Justin. Now TeenVogue comes into his life. Introduction to Computers is jealous of TeenVogue.

Image hosted by

This concludes the whacky misadventures of Maria, Justin and Fira.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/06/2005 11:38:00 AM


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Monday, October 03, 2005
To scan your own face

We were pretty jobless at college and we found a scanner innocently sitting in the computer lab..

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/03/2005 07:44:00 PM


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Saturday, October 01, 2005
Tujuh perkara

I have been tagged by Sarah Liew. After being able to comprehend what it meant, I am now obligated to write the following:

Seven things I can do:
1. Take a four hour nap
2. Spend time figuring out HTML
3. Pretend to be listening when I'm not
4. Pretend I'm not listening when I actually am ;p
5. Go dinner with a bunch of friends and not say a SINGLE meaningful thing
6. Reformat my hard drive and reinstall Windows XP and STILL have all my documents, pictures, music, and videos intact
7. Display my nerdiness without even trying

Seven things you plan to do before you die:
1. Write a will
2. Produce an actual album
3. Star in at least two movies
4. Star in at least two series
5. Star in at least two dramas
6. Work for at least two high-profile companies
7. Perhaps lose my virginity

Seven things I could do:
1. Study for an average of more than two hours a week
2. Clean my room and finish the job
3. Teach myself violin like I planned to do when I borrowed Sarah Teo's violin
4. Going just one day a week without taking a nap
5. Learn to play another John Mayer song
6. Go jogging
7. Drive carefully

Seven celebrity crushes:
1. (I shall conform to typical guyhood for now) Jessica Alba
2. Jennifer Love Hewitt
3. Shu Qi
4. (Can't think of anyone else. I don't watch movies or listen to music for the chicks)

Seven often repeated words:
1. Huh?
2. What?
3. Ahaha.. okay
4. Cripes
5. Shiez
6. Aiyo
7. Er.. no

Seven physical traits I look for in the opposite sex:
1. (Actually I rather not say, because of my range of readers) Must be slim (I am so sorry)
2. Nice hair (on the head)
3. A clear face
7. I'm not really that picky.. other than number 1

Seven tags go to:
1. Blu & Faruqi
2. Choi Wan
3. Oliver (Have you done this yet? I'm not sure)
4. Harindar
5. Kishore
6. Sin Wah
7. (Winston, Yi Lin, and Jia Liang already tagged)

Seven things that scare me:
1. Cockroaches that move
2. Thunder without warning (not that it will happen, won't it?)
3. Roshan's driving
4. Excessive gore
5. When something really bad happens it is my fault for sure
6. When somebody could call my bluffs
7. A corrupted mp3 file that suddenly goes BZKKFFTTTTTZZKK after a minute of music

Seven things I like the most:
1. The fact that no living person actually hates me (really)
2. My intelligence kicking in at the right time
3. My freedom to download whole seasons of TV series
4. When people laugh when I intended them to
5. True music
6. The invention of the internet, and subsquently broadband
7. Parodies, good ones

Seven important things in my room:
1. My computer with internet access
2. My camera phone
3. My bed
4. My table lamps
5. My stacks of burnt and unburnt CDs
6. My camera
7. Finally my books

Seven random facts about me:
1. My left pinkie is longer than my right
2. I don't eat seafood, only fish
3. I drink very little water
4. I bought a harmonica
5. I am allergic to Champs
6. I wore glasses since I was 6
7. Like math, hate bio

Seven things I can't do
1. Like Simple Plan
2. Drag myself to excercise regularly
3. Go one day without switching on my computer
4. Completely understand girls
5. Sleep in an environment noiser than 30 decibels
6. Take less than 3 seconds to remove my phone from my jeans pocket
7. Gain weight

P/S: go to Sarah's blog and count how many times the name "Justin" appears ;) (As of 1/10/05)

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/01/2005 11:13:00 PM


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