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Sunday, October 16, 2005
Back from nowhere 2

My apologies, ladies and gentlemen. I have not been posting anything real for awhile now. Been pretty busy doing college assigments, most of which I have been putting off during September. Procrastination kills.

To entertain you, here is my first ever psychology lab report available for download.

The Stroop Experiment with Incongruent Color Words in a Second Language


This study aims to investigate the effects of word-color incongruence on color-naming. The experiment was designed to test the speed of naming the color of shapes and words. There were five test sheets, each had different kinds of word stimulus; one of them was Chinese incongruent color words. Upon completing a sheet, the time taken by that subject to successfully name one by one all the colors in it was recorded; repeated for other test sheets. From 260 test subjects, results showed that the Chinese speaking subjects took longer than the non-Chinese speaking subjects to name the Chinese incongruent color words. This suggested that illiteracy of the foreign words does not cause Stroop interference.

Download it here.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/16/2005 02:31:00 PM


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