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Friday, December 16, 2005
My Christmas wishlist 2005

My very first Christmas wishlist! This is the list of things that I want to have but probably will never get. Unless of course, people are nicer than I think they are.

(In no particular order of importance)

1. The Art of the Matrix

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Similar to those Star Wars concept art and graphical books, The Art of the Matrix showcases artwork from this trilogy. The front cover itself gives a glimpse of the depth of its contents, just as the movies portray the depth of the unique story. I like digital art, I love the Matrix. Hence, I shall very much appreciate this book.

2. Final Fantasy XII (Original please)

It has been forever since the previous instalments, namely FFX-2 and FFXI, were released and now the next one will only avail itself 2006. The Japanese version will only hit Japenese shores on March so the English version will likely to take longer. Anywho, the FF series has long been accredited as some of the greatest RPGs ever created on the PS1 and PS2. FFX was indeed worthy of awesome points, and FFXII, being newer, will definitely be ten times better as Square-Enix had always managed to do so with every new instalment. The real question is how these Japanese guys do it.

3. A digital camcorder

Okay I know it costs a bomb, an arm, and two legs, but it would be totally awesome to have one. Videotaping events is not the same as taking photos of it, as it gives you better memories and all. Plus, I have always wanted to enter the independent movie industry. With a DV camera and some software knowledge, I have total control over the movies I make! But this is not a must have for me, just a luxury I need to make time for. So you can cancel it off your things to buy list.

4. Furniture - Twilight Chases The Sun

No, I'm not decorating my room with new furniture. It's a Malaysian band called Furniture, and this is their benchmark album, Twilight Chases The Sun. Having heard solo works live from the frontman Ronnie himself, I feel that I will totally get the theme of their music. Emotional, enchanting, and almost spiritual. Of course I can only guess until I have heard them myself. See more info here. Maybe I will buy this one myself.

5. A pair of headphones

Yup. Mine's busted. Anyone can spare fifty bucks?

6. Michio Kaku - Parallel Worlds

Written by one of the greatest theoretical physicists of the present day, Parallel Worlds is a one way trip through cosmology and the fate of the universe. This book is perfect for the theoretical science enthusiasts such as myself, though I am only a beginner. It's really interesting to know what mankind thinks of this universe and beyond, based on logical speculation. Another reason to praise God for his infinite ingenuity in the creation of this world.

7. Creative Labs Zen Micro

An mp3 player would certainly help me as a singer-songwriter to get inspired and constantly fed by music. The Zen Micro looks slick, can store 6GB and glows nicely. Everyone is carrying an mp3 player these days. I'm stuck currently with my mono-speaker Series 60 phone.

That's all I can think of right now. If there's more, I will update and put a link on the sidebar later.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 12/16/2005 06:42:00 PM


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