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Sunday, December 04, 2005
Short Story: Songfest part 2

This is part two of a short story I've written as a college assignment. I had a pretty good score so I thought you guys might enjoy it.

Dominic had been trying to picture himself onstage, standing in front of a crowd that was waiting to be impressed. Even if he had it, was confidence the only thing he needed? Just confidence in himself and confidence in his own work to get by? He could not even remember the last time he did something and was sure with it. Sunrise after sunrise, he weighed the consequences.

A yellow Sunday came by. Dominic went to meet Vince at the park, where it was always green and joyful. Dogs of various breeds can be seen being walked by their masters of all shapes and sizes. Little children ran from all corners to the next, happy as can be. The community owed its warmth and fellowship to this place; people of all ages were regulars.

"Songfest, eh? I'd say go for it." said Vince, who had always been his best friend, easy-going and moderate.

"I knew you'd say that..."

"What? Don't you wanna try out?"

"I don't know, Vince. Stage performances have always been beyond me."

"That's crazy talk. You're the music kind of guy, the whole gang knows that."

The gang: a bunch of long-time buddies his age who had a tradition of gathering under a gazebo by the lake at the park. Somehow, Dominic foresaw all of them giving him every reason to take a shot at Songfest. No point in asking them, then.

Just that moment, Elaine passed them by. She was one of them; them who faithfully show up at the very same gazebo every time. Dominic stood helplessly, gazing at her movements. She was an embodiment of charm.

"Hey guys, see you at the usual place," she said as they acknowledged her. Vince watched as Dominic trailed her steps with his eyes. He let out a sigh.

"For the last time, man, ask her out." Vince nudged him.

"I've said it before, I just couldn't do it."

"I can't stand seeing you moonstruck anymore! You've been putting this off for weeks now. This iron isn't going to be hot any longer..."

"Give me some time, just… time."

The truth is that Dominic had never planned or intended to approach her for that matter. Though he formulated the exact words of confessions, there just were too many things in his way. Most of them were in his head. Such was the dilemma a timid boy had to face.

The boys found themselves in the company of five other youngsters, among them Elaine. They would talk about anything under the sun, from Middle Eastern politics to chaos theory. But not all of them would appreciate every kind of intellectual conversation. Dominic finds much comfort with this routine: sitting by the lake with the people he cared about most.

Almost a month later, Dominic finds himself packing. It was like sleeping and gradually easing in to a dream. He received a phone call from the people of Songfest just the night before, a phone call that changed it all. The next round was to be held at Whistern City, a bustling metropolis, over the weekend.

To be continued...

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Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 12/04/2005 12:39:00 AM


link me la wei. haha.. at
12/06/2005 01:16:00 PM
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