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Tuesday, November 22, 2005
Short story: Songfest

This is part one of a short story I've written as a college assignment. I had a pretty good score so I thought you guys might enjoy it.

It was the end of the day's lessons, the extra-curricular activities were about to begin. The corridor was half-filled with college students; each had their own business to attend to. Among them was a boy, standing still and was staring at a poster on a wall that nobody else had cared about. The wildly colorful illustrations on the poster had the word printed large: 'Songfest'. Dominic had the most curious look on his face as he scanned the details of Songfest for the fourth time.

He walked off filled with wonder. An opportunity like this does not come by very often, and for Dominic, it could be something that can change his life. But he had no reason to believe that he could even qualify; inferiority always had the best of him. The audition was two weeks away.

The double doors opened to reveal the green grass, the blue sky, and the whispering trees, all in a picture-perfect sight. Canaries chirped their way into spring, while the blooming lilies greeted the sun. Des Glaines was a simple town, devoid of skyscrapers and congestion; most of its inhabitants walked or cycled. The shop lots were just a couple of blocks away from Lumina College. This time the journey had never seemed shorter, for Dominic had walked pre-occupied.

Stopping by a music store, Dominic greeted the old shopkeeper, who was polishing a violin.

"Afternoon, Mr. Wayne."

"Dominic, welcome, welcome. What can I do for you?" said Wayne, putting down the violin.

"Songfest," said Dominic. "An audition will be held right here in Des Glaines."

"I know, I heard. Looks like I don't have to tell you to try out," Wayne spoke slowly.

"But I don't know if I could."

"And why not?"

"I… I don't know,"

"Well," Wayne got up and reached for a drawer. "I remember the first time you came into this store, wanting to learn to play the guitar." Dominic listened like a curious little child. "You were all nervous... but your father was supportive. I was willing to teach, and you were willing to learn. A slow start, but look at you now. You have learned well. I understand that you have been writing?"

"Yeah, I have. But I don't know if they're any good."

"Oh, nonsense. If you write, you're eligible, aren't you?"

"Well, yeah. I... I'm just not..."

"What's the grand prize?"

"It's uh... a scholarship, at Berkeley's School of Music."

"My, my. That's more extravagant then last year. You want it don't you?"

"I guess..."

"Then remember this: if you want something, you have to take the first step."

Dominic looked up at his old teacher. Those very words set him reminiscing his days learning music under his wing. In his mind, he scanned the memories he had right there at that music store. Wayne handed him a pick with his wrinkly but steady hands.

"Take this. I hope you will see in it everything you have learned from me."

View part 2

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/22/2005 05:02:00 PM


i like....

continue! =)
11/23/2005 10:34:00 PM
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