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Sunday, November 06, 2005
Harry Gonner and the Half-Nerd Prince - #2

This is the continuing series of the above title. To better understand the humour in it, you should have at least watched any of the original Harry Potter movies or read any of the books, preferably The Half Blood Prince. Enjoy.

Harry Gonner was delighted at the fact that he no longer needed to stay at the Dudleys' for the rest of summer. What cheered him even more was that he can spend the remaining days at Ron's place: the home of the Weasels. After hours of wrong turns and close calls, Dumbndumber finally managed find the house. He did not want to use magic to get there only because he wanted to feel the wind in his hair. Harry thought it was too much wind for his own health.

Dumbndumber parked his kick-ass car amidst Molly Weasel's precious shrubbery. 'Oh well', he said. Once done with the obligatory greetings, Dumbndumber left Harry to the family's care. Chewing on Molly's tasty treats, Harry hurried up to Ron's room, where he found him making out with Hermione Gangster.

Harry : Hey, don't start without me..

Ron : Oh hey Harry, here already?

Hermione: Did you bring us a fresh supply?

Harry : Yup, here you go. Pick a flavour. Man, I can't believe you guys ran out already.

Hermione: Nice! I'll go with blueberry this time. Yeah, it's kinda risky. I almost got pregnant again.

Ron : That was some night.. Oh, and what's the deal with the Prophecy? We've been dying to know.

Harry : Oh, that. Um... I... don't remember.

Hermione: You don't remember? Harry, the Prophecy was probably the most important clue to discover your very destiny! You were the one person who saw it and you don't even remember?

Harry : Uh... I think I have to kill someone or something.

Hermione: That's better.

Ron : What do your parents say about it?

Harry : Dude, my parents are dead.

Ron : Really? Oh yeah. Whatsisname killed them right? How did he kill them again?

Harry : A shovel, Ron.

Ron : Oh yeah, that shovel. Right. Oh hey Ginny, Harry's got a fresh supply. Pick a flavour.

To be continued...

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Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/06/2005 08:44:00 PM


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