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Monday, October 24, 2005
The Adventures of Richard and Rashid - #5

This is the continuing series entitled 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid', the story of a British commissioner, Richard O' Reily, who sailed to Malaya to educate an accidental Public Affairs Minister, Rashid bin Razak, in order to establish relations between the two worlds in the 18th Century.

In a warm, sunny day, we find our heroes squatting under a tree..

Richard: This is simply delightful! *slurp* A new way to have revenge on an object that fell on your head: eat it.

Rashid : Sedap kan? Ah.. ini dipanggil buah durian. Sejenis buah-buahan tempatan yang masyhur.

Richard: It tastes exquisite.. I know, as the first Englishman who discovered this extraordinary fruit, I, Richard O'Reily shall call it.... Duriang. Its... brilliant.

Rashid : Aduhai..

Richard: And what is this funny-looking thing?

Rashid : Ini? Ini rambutan. Sejenis buah-buahan juga.

Richard: A rambutang? Looks yummy, how do you eat it?

Rashid : Bukan rembuteng... rambutan. Nah.

Richard: Mmm, delicious! This rambutang is simply divine! Oh look! I see an ape, a rather peculiar-looking one.

Rashid : Oh, itu seekor orangutan. Comel, kan?

Richard: So a Malayan ape is called an oranguthang? This is journal worthy..

Rashid : Ia dipanggil orangutan.. bukan orenguteng.

Richard: Thats what I said.. oranguthang. A marvellous creature, look at how he climbs.


Richard: I know! I can see another oranguthang too!

Rashid : Adhuuu.....

Tune in next time for more... 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid'

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Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/24/2005 12:18:00 AM


Richard O'Reily can have pleasant conversation with natan bugger after having a durian drop on his head.

Fascinating. xD
10/24/2005 08:39:00 PM
Lolx.. I dont call them heroes for nothing at
10/25/2005 09:18:00 PM
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