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Tuesday, August 30, 2005
The Adventures of Richard and Rashid - #4

This is the continuing series entitled 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid', the story of a British commissioner, Richard O' Reily, who sailed to Malaya to educate an accidental Public Affairs Minister, Rashid bin Razak, in order to establish relations between the two worlds in the 18th Century.

Rashid : Haih..

Richard: What's the matter, Rashid?

Rashid : Takdela.. kami orang ni sampai sekarang pun masih belum ada kerajaan, masih diasingkan negeri masing - masing..

Richard: Well at least you still have your kings and your respective laws.

Rashid : Ya, tapi sudah beratus - ratus tahun kami dijajahi kuasa asing. Sekarang orang Inggeris pulak.

Richard: No, we don't want to take over your country, we just want to take over your econom... I mean, er.. help your people.

Rashid : Kau nak tolong kami? Dengan memperkenalkan residen jahat?

Richard: Hmm... resident evil... peculiar term.

Rashid : Haih.. takde harap la..

Richard: Don't worry, Rashid. Within a hundred years, your people will unite as one nation and declare independance, living harmoniously in a diverse community. Someday, this land will develop, progressing as a prosperous country thus gaining significance in the world's economy. Its citizens will proudly stand in the sight of the national flag that will be truly unique as they sing their beloved national anthem.

(Richard and Rashid looks at each other for two and a half seconds)

Richard: ...

Rashid : ...


Tune in next time for more... 'The Adventures of Richard and Rashid'

Richard: Hahahah.. *sniff* my sides hurt..

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Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 8/30/2005 10:17:00 PM


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