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Friday, July 22, 2005
Star Wars spinoffs

I know I've written this article already, but I've switched to a new blog plus I found more spinoffs.. so here goes. Click on the image to go to the official website.

#1 - How it Should Have Ended: Star Wars Episode IV

This is among the few short cartoon clips depicting how some movies should end, according to the two guys handling the project. So far all the clips are just there to make some laughs, not to make a statement. Its short and sweet, see it for yourself.

#2 - Grocery Store Wars

Enter Cuke Skywalker (a cucumber), who was taught by Obi-Wan Cannoli (a cannoli) about the ways of the Farm (the force), and ulimately face Darth Tater (a potato). This is just a short public message film using grocery items as puppets. Its complete with flying vessels and laser guns! There is no real storyline, only an urge to the viewers to go against chemical filled non-organic products in real life. A good way to support their cause, considering how the names are cleverly altered and the rebel struggle somewhat similar to theirs. Its worth the 8MB download, so watch it.

#3 - Star Wars Episode III - A lost Hope

A Lost Hope is an intentionally hilarious parody of Star Wars Eps 3. Considering that it is only meant to poke fun, a good deal of greenscreen effects was used in its production. Having watched some of Sequential Pictures' other parodies, I say that this is their best work yet. In fact, this could very well be the best Star Wars parody on the internet, to date. It is good to have something laughable out of this episode; I absolutely love their version of how Anakin turned to the dark side. No space battles here, but Anakin's whiny alternate self makes up for it. I downloaded the large Hi-Res version for keeps. Give it a try.

#4 - Thumb Wars - The Phantom Cuticle

This is one of the few short films created entirely using thumbs as characters. Bottomline: it is as silly as it looks. The scale of this creation is large enough to sell on DVD, so you can set your expectations a little higher, on the comedic side at least. Unlike 'A Lost Hope', 'Thumb Wars' has a beginning, a middle and an ending. Its not available for download from the website so may I suggest a certain software? *hint hint*

#5 - Star Wars: Revelations

Now this is the real deal. Star Wars: Revelations is a story that fits right in between episodes III and IV. Created for die-hard fans by even die-harder fans, this here is an ambitious project considering that no money was to be made. It was the Star Wars spirit of the production team that made them willing to lend their time, their collector's edition costumes, their CGI talent and just about everything you see in the movie. For a movie that was not funded by anyone, the result is nothing short of remarkable. It doesn't matter if it lacks good direction and a good plot (which it does), Revelations is a noteworthy symbol of the love of Star Wars. If only they had stretch the story a little longer than the 47 minutes in it. Savour the best part of the movie: free for download.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 7/22/2005 10:34:00 PM


I have seen sucked...although you cant deny the hard work and effort that went into it, it would have probably been more appealing if the cast were actually abit better looking..i remember there were a couple of FAT whats master Yoda gonna say bout that... at
7/25/2005 01:10:00 AM
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