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Monday, August 15, 2005
Mysteries of the not-so explained: The MSN nick

It started with me downloading and watching this movie called 18. Its a short local film documenting the phenomenon of street grafitti revolving around '18?'. So, in its effect, I changed my MSN display name to '17?', only because I am seventeen years old.

Then my chat buddies ask me 'Whats with the "+17"?'. I was a little surpised as my nick was supposed to be '17?' and not '+17'.

Then Ms. X* suggested to add myself on MSN, which is, by the way, the coolest thing I have ever discovered about MSN. Oddly enough, I see myself on my own contact list as '+17'.

I did not tamper with this picture, it is authentic. Can you explain this mystery?

*Name(s) have been changed to protect privacy.

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Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 8/15/2005 09:40:00 PM


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Posted by Darren
10/03/2005 02:08:00 PM
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