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Save the Animals
Friday, August 12, 2005
As the haze dissipates..

The sky have been enveloped, the days darken. I stepped out bearing no hope for a greener sight. Starting my car, the gauge indicated a nearly-empty tank. And so began my day.

I kept my mileage low to avoid a dead engine; I just don't see any other way. Up the hill, some cars lined up behind me. Somehow, I did not hear any honking. Although I knew for sure that there were tons of it, I just did not hear it.

I refused to.

In the open road, they passed me by. Why would I look at the faces who wished I went to a place called hell?

Swearing at me? Yeah, sure I'll take some of it.. as long as you take some of mine as well.

Take it.

Take it.

They're all the same. The same human beings under the grey cloud of smoke, seeping into our lungs, into our veins, into our minds. Funny isn't it? How humans hurt others, but they are not even helping themselves when doing so?

I looked up and I saw the sun. It was red and perfectly round. Great.. even the sun is getting selfish. As I drove through town, I noticed that things were getting clearer. Was that curse in the midst of being lifted?

Smile all you want. Without the haze, it will feel empty. Not that there was something to fill my life in the first place. Everyday will be just as mundane as the last.

I felt the emptiness of my tank. It will run out, eventually. Just like my will would. The very will to walk, to talk, to emote. The time will come, I will be spent.

The cycle repeats.

Leaning on my car, parked by the ditch, I looked up again. I looked at the sky as if it was looking back.

I said in my heart for my mind to hear and for the sky to obey:

Take me away from this place.

This is not what really happened today. This is not what I really thought and felt today. This is just the result of self-epxression in the form of semi-fiction.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 8/12/2005 09:02:00 PM


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