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Saturday, October 29, 2005
Fright Night 2005

It was last Thursday when the HELP ADP Student Council event of the fall semester was put together: FRIGHT NIGHT 2005 Featuring the Tower and the Dungeon, a Halloween event in collaboration with Communication Frontiers. It was my first event since I joined ADPSC and I had to oversee marketing and ticketing. Yikes. Somehow we manage to pull off astounding ticket sales during the last minute, so its not too bad.

We completely turned the bottom floor of the ADP block into a haunted house (the dungeon) and the top into a gathering area (the tower). The dungeon was.. dark. The tower was pretty happening. Happening is what you get when you have 150++ college students in a mood to party. Some came with costumes; a few of them got a little too creative.

Image hosted by

I, however, was content with a sign on my back that says "Declared dead on arrival'. I'm a walking dead, get it? Its scary! Yeesh..

Image hosted by
Chiu Yen, Karen, Renuka and a walking dead

Pretty good event, I might say, though it ended a little early due to security concerns. Quoting from Melody Peters, this was one party that did not go wrong in any usual way. Normally alcohol would be smuggled in or a fight would break out (Peters, 2005)¹. She dressed up as little red riding hood by the way.

After the party, we noticed something REALLY peculiar. We threw up a couple of balloons to the ceiling, and it never came down. The cream is that the balloons contained no helium, and no, no hydrogen either.

Image hosted by
The picture is authentic. Can you explain this mystery? :P

At the end of the night, when paranormal activity dissipated, the dead no longer walked.

Image hosted by
Cause of death: dislocated knees, bloated butt and Andrew Netto's death (see tomb)

Check out Karen's account of the event. Theres a photo of me on the floor, again.


¹ This is what you get when you learn citations in General Psychology.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 10/29/2005 09:56:00 PM


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