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Save the Animals
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Week 12

Gosh, its November already. But I shan't mention the fact that time passes by way too fast, shucks I said it. I have but only three weeks to my final exams, and here I am sitting on my butt with my fingers fresh from a losing DotA session. Im pathetic.

I remember how things were just two months ago. It was when I became ignorant of the impending avalanche of assignments come October. It was when I paintballed for the first time, on my birthday in fact. It was when I got a taste of a real talent show, which I had no place in >.<. It was when THE HORRIBLE HAZE STRUCK. Forgot how it looked like? Here's a reminder.

Image hosted by
It ain't pretty..

Im pretty jobless right now. I'm searching my old pictures from my camera phone, since the haze ones got me going. Here's a rarity:

Image hosted by
Two red Protons that coincidentally parked next to each other

Maybe I'll keep that picture and sell that on E-bay in twenty years time. Damn, I'm in awe. So anyways, I'm in week 12 of the ADP Fall semester. I remember 12 weeks ago when I planned to print out my schedule. I remember 11 weeks ago when I still planned to print out my schedule. I remember 11 weeks ago when I saw this:

Image hosted by

Then I remember 10 weeks ago when I still planned to print my schedule. Then I remember 10 seconds ago when I realized that I still haven't printed my schedule. Then I remember 3 seconds ago when I realized that I still haven't printed the rest of my psychology notes. See how screwed up my life is? Geez, I owe myself a 4-hour nap.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 11/10/2005 02:43:00 PM


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