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Wednesday, December 21, 2005
Short Story: Songfest part 3

This is part three of a short story I've written as a college assignment. I had a pretty good score so I thought you guys might enjoy it.

A small crowd gathered to see Dominic board a shuttle bus. His gazebo friends were dying to go with him, to see him onstage under the spotlight. Due to complications with lodging and a set of assignments which Dominic had already done his, they could not. His parents, supportive as they were, had much office work to worry about; they could not come along either. Alone, he would pursue an ambition he never thought he had.

Beyond the window, buildings became taller and the streets more crowded. As the bus entered Whistern City, the meaning of color had changed in Dominic's eyes. The hues were somehow darker, flashier, and mostly, artificial. Branded stores, offices named after wealthy entrepreneurs, clusters of road signs, all were somewhat new to him. This alien human habitat was where his dreams would come true.

Upon stepping from the shuttle bus, an instant uneasy feeling seeped into his skin. The air was different than that of his hometown; he had been living in sunshine for too long. With his precious guitar slung behind his back, and his mentor's pick safe in wallet, he strode to his destiny. After much referral to the wrinkly piece of paper on which he noted an address and directions, he had found the place. His feelings of great anticipation was then dotted with a pinch of dismay.

The sign read “Lenny's”, which was placed above a spiral staircase leading downward. Along the way, posters of Songfest were pasted on the wall, one he recognized and one he did not. Dominic had also noticed that the narrow staircase was nicely wide enough for the guitar on his back, or any guitar for that matter. It was almost as if the place was built that way for that very reason. As he descended, he wondered why he did not smell cigarette smoke.

As his foot stepped the black floor, the first thing he saw was the stage at the end of the room. Imagining all the music that flowed through it during its lifetime, it looked beautiful. Dominic found his way to Mr. Johnson, who oversaw the Songfest project. His eyes looked like they can automatically search for potential on a stranger's face. Dominic meekly told him his name upon being asked; Mr. Johnson held a name list of all round one participants.

His name checked, the time set, Dominic was to come back for the briefing held the following day. Clutching the keys to the room that was sponsored for him to spend the next few nights, he speculated. Already he thought about his friends back at Des Glaines, already his mind wanders to the contestants who awaited him. He hoped that the people he will meet will be nice to him.

A crowd of forty stood by the stage, most of them getting acquainted to each other. The so-called briefing was about to start, so said Mr. Johnson though it was already twenty minutes past the specified time. One of the young lads, who happened to be nearby, glanced at Dominic with a smirk. He stretched his hand.

To be continued...

Start from part 1

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 12/21/2005 01:16:00 PM


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