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Friday, September 02, 2005
Dubai, a developing desert

I dug up an old English assignment of mine; I thought it might deserve a spot in this blog.

Dubai, one of the seven emirates of U.A.E, has proven itself to be a growing haven of trade and tourism in the region. With insufficient oil to compete with its neighbors, the founding fathers of Dubai have decided to establish a centre of trade and business. Setting up offices and marketplaces, the government develops rented real estate while still owning it. The city’s infrastructure is a mark of strategic planning, maintaining power supply and greenery, despite of the expensive water.
Here, government paperwork is comparatively quick, which is a feat that should be mirrored by other developing nations. Dubai has achieved a well-deserved status of modern city life, embracing western cultures that some Islamists may not approve of. In the horizon, a curious traveler can see an array of high-rise structures and steel office buildings. Boutiques stock themselves with branded goods to be tended by women, and video games to entertain children as well.
Thanks to remarkable progress through investments, Dubai became an exotic name in the ears of eager tourists around the world. The luxurious Burj Al Arab hotel is recognized for its sail shape in a picture-perfect background, better painted with a twilight sky. Among the places of interest is the Jebel Ali tax-free port and business zone, along with Dubai Internet City, the largest information technology in the Middle East. Tourists can delight in the many duty-free spots, shopping at the Deira City Mall and spoiling themselves with the pleasures of life.
Also, opening 2005 is the ambitious Palm project, a five-kilometer length man-made sand island cluttered with villas, apartments and hotels. With such an impressive description, it is without doubt that Dubai has earned a rightful place in the world of travel and commerce.

Ringle, Ken. "Dazzling Dubai" Reader's Digest July 2004: 60-65

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