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Save the Animals
Sunday, September 11, 2005
College Icon 2005 semifinals

It was a clear Sunday morning, as early as eight thirty the contestants assembled. The entire morning was spent for sound checks, and last-minute pre-show stage preps. 1:30pm, the event begins, with none other than Joey G as emcee.

Early Sunday

By the stage

One by one the 20 contestants performed their 3 challenges: a scenario acted out, a song sung, and an extra talent performed. Most of them did great, I was the only one who screwed my song.

On-looking from above

The sound guys

A total of 11 was picked to proceed to the finals to take place at Zouk 23rd September. I will be there, nevertheless, to support my once-were peers. These extraordinarily talented people deserve the the top ten spots. I, however, will settle for top 20.

The stage from the sound guys' angle

After the show

I probably won't forget the people I had this experience with. Talented, open, stage-savvy. It has been a priviledge performing alongside such wonderful people.

Lee Jian, Ice, Ian, and Jeremy

Ian, the only other who did Robbie Williams, and did better too

Pui San, *winks* .. 'nuff said

Munawi and James, the former in the finals

Ice, who put a ringgit note through my holeless shirt and made it reappear in her pocket. In the finals.

Wan Ling, who lent me his guitar for my performance and provided much encouragement. Oh, in the finals too.

I should have taken more pictures of people, didn't get a proper chance. Those guys really stand out. Ah well. Whoever wants free tickets to the show at Zouk start sucking up to me now.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 9/11/2005 07:44:00 PM


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