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Wednesday, September 21, 2005
One post to rule some of them all..

I haven't blogged in a while, plus I have so much stuff to 'cover'. I shall chuck them all in one grandioso of a post.

Start off with last friday, 16 September 2005: my birthday. *Thunder & Lightning* (only without the thunder).
I rushed all the way to college for group discussion which I thought I was late for, only to find that I wasn't needed there. Thanks Laily. I made Yi Lin wait when I'm supposed to meet her.
Ah well, fastforward to MY FIRST PAINTBALLING SESSION EVER. It was like totally awesome, though I kinda sucked at getting my bullets to land on a specified target. So much for tactics, John Lian actually ramboed me knowing well that he would be shot at like rainfall. Phan moved like a sloth when shooting and hiding behind a barrier. Christopher had a seemingly foolproof strategy that is to move ahead before the enemy does, but due to lack of the 'moving ahead' part we kinda lost. Sin Wah fought bravely and lasted long. Tan Kok Earn had a pretty bad bruise from a point-blank shot by John the rambo. Junn Yeong displayed veteran skills by lying on his chest to shoot. Weng Leong even rolled himself to safety. Wai Lim's determination has landed him some success. John Lian's friend, a girl, shocked us with her underlying combat accuracy. Kishan yelled a warcry after the ref told him that I ran out of bullets, a fact that I did not realize until after I died in a final desperate assault. Its a good pastime, try it if you have fifty bucks lying around. Oh, and my next-door neighbor had an Indian funeral.

Moving on to Saturday 17th Sept 2005. Took part in a little competition in my church called 'The Preacher'. The title is self-explanatory. I don't how I won, but I know it didn't mean I have the knack for giving a sermon. That night we crashed Pauline's place for a invite-only barbecue. Thanks, Wins! Click here for Wan's account. The roasted weiner-and-crabstick on a stick topped with thick mayo was simply delicious. Learned a game called Snap, which I lost to Yu Jin on my first try, and his, too. Was this close to being dragged and dumped into the pool with my jeans on. I was smart enough to grab hold of my phone with my unpry-able hands. My birthday was the day before, too late for two strong men to displace my pitiful self onto a body of water.

Nope, the waters are NOT calling me

Moving on to Sunday 18 Sept 2005. Realized that I was pretty wide awake in the morning although I only had five hours of sleep. This discovery is a milestone to the day when I can finally figure out how to unstone. Finished all my homework due Monday. ADP is no joke when it comes to coursework; no homework, no marks. End of story. Spent the rest of the day bumming and watching Bleach. Kurosaki Ichigo had one too many near-death expriences.

Monday came and went like a passing plane. It felt pretty good having to pass up my homework knowing that I actually finished them on time. Now I have to tackle a fifteen-page short story, a much-fussed-over psychology lab report and a literature research document all to be done by mid October. Now that I think about it, I shall scream. ARRGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. End of scream.

Tuesday, tuesday, tuesday. Ephraim and I impromptuly went to Dota at MMORPG, the home of Blueserver 3. He borrowed Roshan's car to get there and he got pulled over by a cop for not wearing the safety belt. Tsk tsk tsk. Ef and the cop reached an agreement that he will drop the summons for an admin fee of RM20 (It's a bribe if you don't get it). Ef gave RM50 and guess what, the cop came back with RM30 change.

Wednesday, today, 21st Sept two double-O five. Learned about classical conditioning and operant conditioning. Both involve having to associate an external stimulus whether neutral, positive or negative to a feeling (emotion or anxiety) or the learning of a desired action from the subject. Psychology is complicated. For dinner, I met up with Roy, Yee San, Winston, Choi Wan and Pauline. We talked about things: blogger conspiracies, local movies and TV, gay bars and their strange names, courtroom judge assassination, the significant roles of Malays in this nation, and other things that escaped my memory for now. Roy will leave for UK this Saturday morning. But Friday we will have an adventure at a court session brought to you by Pauline Ngiam, lawyer lawyer.

I am content with just one cup, thank you very much

Till next time~

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 9/21/2005 11:28:00 PM


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