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Sunday, July 24, 2005
Tales from beyond

I was chatting on MSN the other day with a friend of mine from Australia, and I find the sense of humour down under rather amusing..

Wye Li: did i tell wat happened during the premiere of star wars?
Justin: what happened
Wye Li: well, while my buddies and i are in line, sum random dressed as darth vader had a duel with another dressed as luke

Wye Li: then sumone in the crowd shouted - hey luke mate, kick his ass, he fucked your mom

Justin: HAHAhahahahA
Justin: hahahahaha
Justin: dont you just love those guai los
Wye Li: mate, it gets better
Wye Li: my fren tried to sneak inside the cinema..the guard stopped him, so he tried doing the jedi mind trick - u will let me in
Justin: LOLX
Wye Li: n then we tried to cause a riot by clapping our hands while shouting - WHOOOOO!! THE DOORS ARE OPEN
Wye Li: heheheeh
Wye Li: then inthe cinema, 2 drunk guys walked in, looked around, one looked tothe other n said - mate, lets go, there aint to chiqs in this one
Justin: Hahahahahaha
Justin: my god
Wye Li: haha
Wye Li: have i told u bout the strip show?
Justin: nope
Wye Li: haha..well...basically, we did a strip show for the girls school
Wye Li: well...15 of us
Wye Li: stripped in the hall, till their undies
Wye Li: hhahahahaha
Wye Li: talk about girls going hysterical
Wye Li: well, actually, they stripped till their pants, n then left the stage
Wye Li: one of them remained, n continued stripping
Wye Li: then the others came back on stage in nothing but undies, then they danced
Justin: hahahah
Justin: some country weii...
Justin: no such thing in Msia
Wye Li: i know
Wye Li: then they came back on stage with tight fitting girl swim suits, n did aerobics
Wye Li: n then, they came back in girl school uniforms n did a skit
Wye Li: hahaha
Wye Li: it's basically a night of cross dressing
Justin: wahahahah
Justin: did the girls do anything?
Wye Li: nah...think they organised a debate last month...yr 12 bs yr 12...the topic, boys are more superior than girls
Wye Li: wished i watched it!
Wye Li: DAMN!
Wye Li: oh...they did this - around the world in 70 days raise moeny for tsunami
Wye Li: this coming tuesday, there's the battle of the bands, boy school vs girl school, vs another school, celebrities are coming
Wye Li: heehehehhe
Justin: wow...
Justin: they actually went around the world?
Wye Li: nah...dont know wat it's about
Wye Li: none of my buddies went
Wye Li: next is the mock assembly!
Wye Li: we get to hold a parody of the school asssembly
Wye Li: cant wait
Wye Li: basically, we dress up as teachers n pay the crap out of them
Wye Li: n the muck up day....where we are not bounded by school rules
Wye Li: heheheheeh
Wye Li: apparently a few years ago, a group stole the head master's car, dismantled, n assembled it back in the staff room
Wye Li: n last last year (think i told u this one), they brought sheeps to ggraze the schoo's grass
Wye Li: last year, they sprayed - sex is good on the main quad
Justin: wahlauuuuuu
Justin: your skool is the best larr!!!!
Wye Li: dei, u have not heard other schools yet
Wye Li: last year, this school had a group, they brought a potty bowl tot he girl school, shat on it, n cemented it to the ground
Wye Li: at night of course
Wye Li: n they took a road kill n placed it on the main gate
Wye Li: another group from another shcool made traps in the locker rooms
Justin: wah... what kind of traps
Wye Li: water bombs n stuff lah
Wye Li: n rotten meat
Wye Li: last year, the yr 12s had a race...they used anything they could find to make a vehicle, n raced it
Wye Li: like putting a chair on a skateboard, n steering it (dont ask)
Justin: hahahaaha

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 7/24/2005 08:02:00 PM


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