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Saturday, July 09, 2005
The Country DotCom Awards 2005

Hello everybody and welcome to 'The Country DotCom Awards 2005', the show where the best of the best *nameofcountry*.com domains are hereby awarded their category wins. Now, the internet is full of websites to promote tourism and such but as for this show, I only allow the name of the country in the domain name, nothing more. For example, I do not accept or, whereas & qualifies. Also, I do not accept .net, .org, and the lot; only .com. However, if the domain name leads to another website but maintain its relevance, I consider it qualified. Without further adue, let's move on to our first category.

The Most Up-To-Date is the one page that has constantly updated information as it serves as a hub for its local newspapers and television channels, unlike any other country dotcoms. On another note, I found an efficient news website that offers plenty of timely news articles on that particular country; that is when I typed in countries like, or But all of them are actually pages from a media conglomerate, World News Network's website. Hence, it does not qualify. takes the win.

The Most Informative
Here, I am judging the English version; you have to click on the 'English' button. contains info from news to history, even real estate and dating. Following closely behind is as the runner-up.

The Best Design
Believe or not, grabs this one, after much consideration, of course. Runner-ups are and

The Best Look and Feel
This one comes a surprise to me as I almost overlooked this country. The entire website is flash-based but maintains its user-friendliness and simplicity. It even comes with serene beach sounds.

The Best Strictly Tourism
This one judges country dotcoms that has tourism info only. As and both led me to, I made it the winner for its sheer usefulness despite its limitation to just London. Runner ups include and

The Most Ambitious
Let's ignore the non-English version here. attempts to reach a younger audience, as it contains sections for Cars, Mobile, and even Entertainment. No other country dotcoms offer such information in that area.

The Best Intro Page
Actually, is the only country dotcom I can find with an intro page. However, it gives a flash video clip of a beautiful beach, enough make it unchallengable.

The Best Logo's logo is so good, it is the only reason I made this category. It even has a cool tagline: 'Past Present Future Perfect'. How cool is that? See it for yourself.

Well thats it for the positive awards. I would want to give negative ones but I'll do special mentions instead.

At the bottom of the page, I found two links: one 'Pregnancy' and the other 'Pregnant'. I don't get it either.
My user-friendliness rating: -6. It does not give you any information whatsoever unless you are a registered user. The front page is bare, for goodness sakes.
Looks like some guy managed to grab the domain name before the government or some company does. The result is depressing.

I never knew that stating the obvious can be so formal.

Well, that's all for today. This is the best proof I can muster to date to show you that I have nothing better to do.

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 7/09/2005 11:02:00 AM


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