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Wednesday, July 06, 2005
Hating MA125 (Statistics)

At exactly 9:06 am today I received a message from Aaron Paul and it went exactly like this.

'Hey man i thought you me and Ephraim can do revision together.. Cause we can use all the help..'

Naturally, I would think that it would be a good idea to have a group study before the exams come, which in our case, will take place next week. Then it dawned on me that it is Aaron and Ephraim we're talking about. I can already guess how it's gonna be like. How? Well, let's just say that we got far without getting far. Shall we have a look?

9:06 am
The message was received and replied, concluding that Aaron is to pick Ephraim and I at 10:30 and study at HELP UC.

10:43 am
Aaron arrived and drove us to HELP's main building. First stop: McDonald's. RM2.50 burgers (RM2.64 after tax) became breakfast for the day. Fair enough, everybody needs breakfast. Gotta have something to give us energy, facing a long studious day ahead. Who am I kidding..

12:09 pm
We took the HELP bus and headed to the ADP building. We were to study at the KPD building, Block E, Exhibition Area. Well, that's usually where ADP students get their work done so it's plausible. Upon arrival, we found a grand total of one student studying there, with most of the lights switched off and air-conditioning completely off. Then came a revelation from my belly: the aromatic artifact of genocide will be released from its place of refuge (if you know what I mean). As soon as I exited the restroom, I found Aaron & Ephraim throwing paper planes on fire out the balcony. Exams are only a week away... so why not?

12:50 p.m
We finally sat down at level 1 and took out our books. Yes! A little bit of study is good for health. Alas, Ephraim did not last very long. He got distracted the very moment he opened his stats book. Aaron, on the other hand, managed to fare a little better. But it seems like fate has his games to play.

1:55 pm
"Let's go Uptown" says Aaron.
You should've seen how quick Ephraim got up and stuffed his whacked up stats book in his bag. Before I know it, I ended up in Uptown.. stuffing a stick of delicious chicken satay into my mouth. Well, a lunch break doesn't hurt, ain't it?
"Hey, this satay damn nice lar," says I. *Gotta study gotta study gotta study dammit!!!*

3:13 pm
I got to check out Aaron's place. Let's just say that it is not exactly furnished extravagantly. Aaron's room is in actual fact a storeroom located next to the kitchen. On the other hand, it had all the essentials and a computer in it, a cosy room it was. Plus he gets a bathroom for himself just two steps away.

3:35 pm
We sat around the dining table to continue our so-called revision. Seeing how we (And by 'we' I meant excluding me, in this case) get bored in our seats and get tempted by the heavenly computer with broadband access sitting nearby, Aaron proposes a deal.
"Okay, lets study kao kao for like one hour, then we hang out, okay?"
I don't see how such a thing can actually work, considering that we already goofed off so much. Fine then, whatever makes you study.
"We study until... 4:15, okay?"
Right... is that even one hour?

3:37 pm

4:08 pm

I have nothing more to say

Another piece of Justin Wong's mind at 7/06/2005 08:30:00 PM


haha,let's just see the results :) at
7/13/2005 08:16:00 PM
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